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Apex Underground provides electrical communications, water/sewer/septic, gas pathways and conduit placement outdoor to indoor including inner duct or conduit pathways through your build to rooms, basements or rooftops. In addition to our underground services we also offer top notch pole light foundation installation complete with anchor bolts grounding and pathways for power. Other services include, but not limited to Underground utility installations for communications and electric conduit. Tower and equipment ground ring systems with exothermal welding and ground rod installation, Hand-hole placement, underground vaults, communications pedestals, meter racks, sectionallizers, transformer pads, back-up generator pads with conduit. Concrete cutting and core drilling. concrete demolition and hauling. Auger drilling and dirt removal. Trash and debris haul off. Tower foundations, precast shelter foundations, guyed tower anchors and spread footing foundations, light pole foundations, residential footings and driveways. Carpentry, wood forms, monolithic forming, custom light pole forms, steel re bar fabrication.

belton missouri


 23910 S. Lucille Ln
Peculiar, MO 64078

belton missouri

belton mo