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Do you want to get old faster, or stay young longer? Do you want to live longer, stronger, healthier lives?


A patent pending nanotechnology, being called the biggest medical breakthrough in our lifetime. Neumi developed a proprietary hydrastat nanotechnology that has changed the way to get supplements and life essential nutrients directly into the cells in 70 seconds, bypassing the gut. It is literally, dramatically changing people’s health and quality of life. Cellular utilization and detoxification is key. Significant improvements in immune system, discomfort, energy, strength, recovery, cognitive health, focus, mental clarity, sleep, hormone balance, and much more.

The same nanotechnology is also put into a a spray for the face, adding collagen, hyaluronic acid, turmeric and amino acids penetrating twelves layers.

Reverse aging inside out, outside in. A New You starts with Neumi.